Troubleshooting Tips


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Is everything plugged in and turned on?
Look for lights on your PoE injector box (it’s either a black or white box about 1″x2″x5″ or a tan box about 1/2″x2″x2″ with one power and two ethernet cables attached) or your router, if you have one. If they’re out: Has a power plug been dislodged from the electric outlet? Is a power strip switched off?

If the computer says the network cable is unplugged, make sure the ethernet (network) cable is plugged into the back of the computer or a router.

Is your router locked up?
REBOOT THE ROUTER. Please DO NOT USE THE RESET BUTTON! Unplug the power to the router; count to ten; and plug it back in. Wait a couple of minutes. If this fails, try the next suggestion below.

Is your Cloudburst™ radio locked up?
REBOOT THE RADIO AND ROUTER. Unplug the power to the PoE injector box (it’s either a black or white box about 1″x2″x5″ or a tan box about 1/2″x2″x2″ with one power and two ethernet cables attached). Count to ten and plug it back in. Unplug the power to your router. Wait two minutes before plugging it back in. Once again, wait a couple of minutes before trying to get online. Meanwhile, you can reboot your computer by powering all the way down and letting it sit for 30 seconds before powering it back up.

Windows computer: Has networking been disabled?
Check for two computers in lower right corner. If they are there, is there an X through them? Right-click the icon, and then select Enable. If there are no computer symbols, go to Start>Settings>Control Panel>Network Connections, right-click on Local Area Connection, and then select Enable.

If the computer is a laptop, is there a keyboard button to enable/disable wireless access?

Macintosh computer: Is WiFi turned on?

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Update and run your antivirus and spyware programs.

Our LTE™ CloudBurst™ radios do not suffer from interference from household wireless devices.

If you have one of our older, non-LTE radios, your cordless phone or router might be causing interference. These radios operate in the 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz frequency ranges. As such we recommend that 900 MHz cordless phones be separated from a 900 MHz CloudBurst™ radio by at least one room or 10 feet, and that 2.4 GHz cordless phones be separated from a 2.4GHz CloudBurst™ radio by the same distance. Change the channel on your phone or unplug and test your connection.

Most routers operate at 2.4 GHz. Changing the channel on your router can likewise eliminate interference with a Cloud Alliance 2.4 GHz radio. 2.4 GHz phones can also interfere with routers. We strongly recommend replacement of 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz cordless phones with ones using 5.8 GHz or, even better, DECT 6.0.

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Check firewall settings and redundant software.
Update and run antivirus and spyware programs.

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Windows computer: Make sure you have My Server Requires Authentication checked in your email settings.

* Open Outlook or Outlook Express.
* On the Tools menu, click Accounts.
* Click the Mail tab
* Select the email account you wish to modify and click the Properties button.
* Click the Servers tab.
* Under the Outgoing Mail Server, click to select the My Server Requires Authentication check box.
* Click Apply and then
* Click Close button on the Internet Accounts window. Try sending again.

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This only applies to non-WiMAX radios. For XP computers (similar for other Windows computers):
Start >
Control Panel >
Network Connections >
Create a New Connection> next >
Connect to the Internet > next >
Set up My Connection Manually > next >
Connect using a broadband connection that requires a username and password > next >
Type the name of your ISP in the following box > Cloud Alliance> next >
Type in user name ***, type in password, and confirm password >
Uncheck: Make this the Default Internet Connection > next >
Check: Add a Shortcut to this Connection to my Desktop > Finish >

You should see what looks like a dialup box. Click on connect, and you should be cruising.

Still not working?
Start >
Control Panel >
Network Connections >
Right Click on Local Area Connection, select Enable.
Double click on Desktop Connection icon. Should be all set!

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