Payment and Term

  • Subscribers commit to pay for an initial, one-year period of service. We do not offer early termination.
  • After the first partial month, if any, all of our billing is based on whole calendar months.
  • After the initial year of service, subscribers may cancel, effective the last day of the month in which written notice is given.
  • Billing statements are sent on the 21st of the prior month. Payments are due by the 1st of the month (in advance of service).
  • We assess a $5 Late Fee to any account that is past due on the 21st of the service month.
  • Accounts past due on the 21st of the subsequent month are deactivated, subject to a $29 reactivation fee.
  • AVOID THESE FEES! Please pay on time. Better yet–use our automatic monthly credit card or ACH service.