Are you out of town part of the year? Wouldn’t you like to have CloudBurst™ fixed-wireless broadband while you are here without the burden of paying the full rate, when you are not?* With our Seasonal/Temporary Plan, you can continue to use your Cloud Alliance-provided email accounts, from away. Whether you’re a winter resident, a snowbird, or just taking an extended trip, our solution is just a phone call away.

When it’s time for you to go, simply unplug the equipment and and call us toll-free at 888-9EZ-CLOUD (888-939-2568). Tell us that you want to place your service on the Seasonal/Temporary Plan. We’ll charge a $ 29 processing fee and just $ 10/month. We’ll leave our equipment in place, awaiting your return (if you are on the monthly Equipment Lease payment plan, be sure to maintain those Equipment Lease payments, as well). When you come back, plug in the equipment and call us for free reconnection.

There’s no need for re-installation and not even a need for a technician to visit it’s all handled on the phone. Best of all, you save money!

Now you can leave Vermont and know that, whenever you return, restoring your CloudBurst™ service will be hassle-free.

* Minimum of two months per “away” period
* Maximum of six months “away” per consecutive twelve months